It is Well With My Soul

I recently bought a shirt online that came in the mail yesterday. Splashed across the front in white lettering are the words “It is well with my soul.” The shirt arrived in the mail at the end of a particularly discouraging day. A day filled with another ‘no’ from God—another big disappointment that hit me harder than I expected. A day when I didn’t have the strength or desire to keep the tears from coming and was too tired to try to summon up the energy to keep a positive outlook—I just wanted to sit on my parent’s couch and feel sorry for myself. And then the shirt came.

“It is well with my soul.”

Is it? Is it well when I don’t feel like I have the strength to fight anymore? Is it well when it feels like this might all be for nothing? Is it well when it feels like God is constantly lifting your hopes only to yank them away at the last minute? How can it be well when I am not? When my body is already sick and waiting for healing and then I fall off my bike, break my leg, and have to sit on the couch for most of the summer? How can I wear a shirt declaring those words when circumstances all around me are saying the opposite?

“It is well with my soul.”

My soul—not my body, not my circumstances, but my soul. I’ll admit, when circumstances are not ‘well’ it is so easy to question and cry and accuse and start to think that nothing will ever go right again, but this is not truth. As God slowly peels away the trappings of our dreams and plans and leaves us with what feels like empty hands, it can still be well. It IS still well. The beauty of living life as a believer is the overwhelming truth that because of Jesus, all is well and all will be well. This morning I know that I can wear my new shirt honestly. Jesus changes everything and because of Him it is well with my soul.

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