Waiting…the art of learning patience.

Step by step, just one foot in front of the other. Breath. Just keep walking–don’t run. I keep having to tell myself this. Patience. Oh, how I hate learning patience. Oh, how I struggle with the plodding pace of the journey. But it is what I need, and right now it is what God is asking of me.

The true test of commitment is how long we are willing to wait when it seems like nothing is happening. I’ve told God I’m committed, but did I only mean it when I had something exciting to do? Some exciting place to live? Now I’m here and suddenly life looks long. I thought I would reach the place of being settled, but I’m learning that there is no arrival. No time when you reach the point of having everything nailed down and figured out. Is there?  What am I going to be doing when I’m 50? Am I here for good? Or is there more? Somewhere else? I guess I’m waiting to find out. Sometimes I just wish I had answers.

There is a fine line for me between action and patience. We must to what is in our power to do, but we must also be willing to stick to a vision even when it seems long and slow. The other night my roommate and I were brainstorming and discussing future plans and I literally had to tell myself to calm down because I didn’t have to plan it all out right now. Breath. Sleep. One step at a time and just keep walking.

In the rushing we miss so much. In the planning and pursuit of goals and dreams we lose today. We lose what God is speaking in this moment and the beauty of the life He has given us right now. And we can’t get moments back. In the times of sitting still I’m convinced God wants to meet us. No time is wasted if we are actively seeking and waiting with expectation–if we keep walking even if it feels like we are walking in circles. Life and joy are in the adventure of the journey. Patience with joy.


One thought on “Waiting…the art of learning patience.

  1. I realize you’re probably actually talking about more long-term patience in this post, but I sure felt like my evening was a lesson on patience. I picked up an elderly friend for an event this evening, and I had to consciously and repeatedly slow down –and force myself not to look at the time. It took 25 minutes from the time I parked at the nursing home until the time we actually left for the event (okay, I wasn’t doing too well at not checking my phone). But it’s always a good reminder to slow my steps, talk to people and not be ruled by my schedule every time I hang out with her.

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