Good News: Monday Morning Musings from the Shire…

When you are struggling to pull it all together, He is the God of good news. Despite the news we get here on earth–the news from the Doctor, from the bank, the credit card company, or the discouraging stories from the television. He is the God of good news, and we can hold on to that. We MUST hold on to that! This world is broken, our lives are broken, and this is hard, but there is good news.

The Gospel. Redemption. Jesus. What more good news do we need?!

I read a quote this morning in my devotions which said, “He is the God who offers comfort in sorrow, bread in a time of famine, blessing in a season of barrenness, and joy that overcomes all sorrow. He is the God of good news.”

Lately I just can’t seem to get over this concept of the both/and. How can there be so much pain while there is simultaneously so much beauty? How do we reconcile this? Only through Jesus. Only through His death and resurrection. We look at the ugly, bloody cross, but find such intense beauty in the truth that it encompasses.

The Kingdom of God is an upside down Kingdom. I think that is one of the most beautiful and compelling things about it. We have to look at things differently in order to understand, and even then we often can’t wrap our minds around it. Things are rarely neat and orderly, but yet if we look through eyes of faith things can be so incredibly clear.

The capacity to experience joy is proportional to our experience of pain. Yes, you can feel joy without having experienced suffering, but the greater the pain one has felt, the more you appreciate its absence. An amazing meal is much more enjoyable if you are hungry than if you have never experienced the ache of an empty stomach.

God wants us to experience joy at its most intense level, and could this be one of the reasons He brings pain? The deeper the pain, the deeper the joy. The more tormenting the night, the greater our appreciation for the rising of the sun. And the amazing thing is that He does give us joy in sorrow. We do live in this dichotomy. And He loves us. Oh, how He loves us! He sees past our today into what we can be, and He desperately wants that future for us. If only we would learn to let Him move. If only we could learn to embrace the pain as the beauty that it is. Because when we are truly committed to the will of God—truly, in the deepest part of our being—nothing is wasted. No pain, no sorrow, no heartache, when committed to God is wasted.

I am clinging to this in my season of life right now. This Monday morning begins with questions that don’t yet have answers. There will be tests and results, but what answers will they bring? Maybe they will tell me what is wrong with my body, but they won’t answer the deeper questions. Why me? Why now? What is going on and why have you given me the vision that you have if only to let it end here? It can be easy to let your mind run wild with scenarios that quite possibly will never take place, but the unknown can seem so much bigger than when you know your enemy. No matter what results I get I just desperately want there to be a point. I just desperately don’t want any of this to be wasted. And it won’t be. And your pain won’t be wasted either—if you let Him use it, He will.



One thought on “Good News: Monday Morning Musings from the Shire…

  1. This is beautiful. YOU are beautiful. Dee, I’ve often been inspired by your vision & determination. And now I’m inspired by your submission to God’s better plan. Praying for you….

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