The past, the present, and the future…

I just realized that it’s been two months since I last wrote anything on here…so much life has been lived since then. Italy happened, then the Shire with my dear ones, and now here I am in New York. Finally. After 7 years, here I am. And I sit on the balcony and compare the color blue of the evening sky in Queens to the one that I loved so much in Jerusalem. Will the past ever stop chasing the present? Will the present ever stop chasing the future? Will I ever stop comparing? Will my heart ever settle?

Places. They can be so special. I’m a sentimental introvert, and places tend to hold a lot of meaning for me. But there is so much danger in this…Places are for the individual. They turn me inward on my own desires. They blind me to the people God has in my life right now. Israel was and is a special place and holds so many memories for me, but I can so easily let it blind me to the important things in my reality today. Am I so focused on what I no longer have that I can’t invest in what I do have? Am I so busy wishing for a place that it holds me back from the people God has in my life right now?

So maybe I’m overhearing Spanish and Chinese in the streets instead of Hebrew, and maybe the sky isn’t as pretty here, and maybe the pita bread is terrible and their vegetables ridiculously overpriced, but those are just things. They don’t really matter. It’s the kids at Club and VBS that matter. It’s the people you pass in the street every day that matter. It’s the people you sit next to on the subway that matter. It’s the groups of people that I’m helping to cook and clean for at the Training Center that matter.

So don’t do it. Don’t let the place determine how you live your life. Life is about relationships, and I’m pretty sure there will be people anywhere you go. I’m pretty sure that if you ask, God will give you people and things to pour your life into no matter where you live.

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