Threads. Little bits of life all twined together to make something bigger and more beautiful. Thoughts and memories. When I write a post I like to have a theme and a specific something to write about. I’ve been procrastinating on writing because I don’t really feel like I have any big or important revelations to share. I feel like I just have threads.

So many little things that I don’t want to forget–threads that are making up my bigger picture. The veil. The past. Memory. The future. The nature of rest. Vision. Different colors on a string of variegated yarn. You start with one color, but soon it has morphed into something entirely different. So what is this time of life? This time of random threads being woven together? Not necessarily one big thing I learn, but a hundred little things strung together to make one big tapestry.

I like big revelations. I love those “aha” moments when something big and profound happens. I think we probably all do, right? I also like things to be tied up and neatly in order. Connected. Logical. Loose ends make me feel out of control. But the fact of the matter is that I’m NOT in control, and Jesus is continually having to remind me that He’s got this. I can relax.

Life doesn’t have to be divided up into boxes of lessons learned and then filed away. No, its okay for that ball of variegated yarn to keep spinning out different yet connected colors until you end up with something quite unexpected, but beautiful. All the pieces telling one intimate story.

So that’s kind of been my life as of late. Little things and small steps forward–sometimes it feels like going backward, but the important thing is to keep moving ahead again. Yeshua calls us to be faithful and follow even in the quiet times. We need to be alert and in-tune enough to learn not just the big lessons, but the little ones as well because those are the threads that really make up the stories of our lives.

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