A Different Kind of Beautiful.

Who would have thought a desert could be beautiful? I thought deserts were places of heat, sand, and blazing sun–not exactly the place that would jump to my mind for a picnic. Not exactly a place were I would want to sit and contemplate life for long periods of time, but that is just what I ended up doing. I didn’t know.

Mitzpe Ramon evening-007

Last week I went star-gazing in the Negev with some friends. Desert. I was not prepared for what I saw. I wasn’t expecting such breathtaking beauty. The light. The colors. Blush. Rose–so delicate. So soft, yet exquisite. I didn’t know a desert could be so softly beautiful. Maybe my perspective is changing here. Sometimes life just turns out so different than what we think. Sometimes we find beauty in a place and a way that we least expect–a different kind of beauty, but beauty all the same.

Mitzpe Ramon evening-012

Mitzpe Ramon evening-018

Deep, rich, dramatic colors. Castles, cathedrals, mist, and thunderstorms. I love it. I thought this was where my life would find the most beauty. I thought that I would be happiest when I would find those things. I wonder if I thought beauty was relegated to this, but sometimes we don’t really realize our hearts desires until we are handed something new. A different kind of beauty. Instead of castles, fog and grey cathedral stones, I have the white rock of Jerusalem, the sun, synagogues, and the soft pink of the Negev. Different than what I thought, but still so beautiful that it can take your breath away.

Mitzpe Ramon evening-020

Maybe someday rolling green hills and fog will be a part of my story, but right now I’m finding beauty in a different place. I’m learning that the desert can be beautiful. I’m learning that its okay to not have an address, or know where your going to be living in another three years. I’m learning that where you came from isn’t going to be “home” forever. Home is wherever my Jesus is, and whether or not that’s the Shire, Jerusalem, New York, or somewhere entirely different, it’s okay. Maybe “home” just moves around. And that’s okay. It’s the same sky and the same stars wherever you are even if they look different. “Home” is wherever my Jesus is, and that’s all I need.

Mitzpe Ramon evening-023

All photo credits go the amazing skills of Emanuel Ciocan.

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