The Beginning of the End

So, yes, I missed the month of March, and ’tis now well into April. Oh, well, better late than never! March and the beginning of April have been filled with what I would classify as bits and pieces of the beginning of the end. It was hard keeping my concentration on home life through the last few weeks of Shire-living but there were some special times which included a flying trip to Ohio to visit a dear friend and her precious little girls and a final recital for my dear little students.

I’ve been in this amazing city for almost a week now. When I first left at 3:30 Monday morning it was a tad difficult to feel excited, but I wasn’t here long before I remembered just how much I love this place!

IMG_6841 - Copy

This week has been full of meeting new people, studying, and outreach. It has been stretching to say the least!

IMG_6680 - Copy

Friday night worship time

IMG_6703 - Copy IMG_6689 - Copy

Saturday explorations…

IMG_6862 - Copy

IMG_6765 - Copy IMG_6802 - Copy

IMG_6949 - Copy

So ends the first week of LTO. 🙂 More updates to come!




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