Coming home…here we go!

   Home. So, I guess that’s where it’s at right now. It feels good. Yesterday I walked across a stage wearing a rather unflattering, large black robe and a cool black hat with a pretty pink tassel. I got to shake the hand of a University President, and then I packed up Van Cliburn the Flying Tomato (my car) and set off on the journey home to the shire (Goshen, Indiana). Of course, I had to make my customary stop at Tim Hortons for my mint chocolate coffee (*sigh*  that’s one thing about Ohio I’m gonna miss…). So now here I sit in my room as I write surrounded by—well, let it suffice to say that my room definitely looks like I just moved home, and you can’t really see the floor…Anyways, I would post pictures, but I will spare you all the horror. So, I’m sitting here contemplating this whole blogging thing. I’ve thought about trying my hand at it for a while, but I’ve always used the “Ain’t no music student got time for that” excuse. However, now that I don’t have an endless amount of academic assignments haunting my every thought, I feel like I might try my hand at it. Be forewarned, if you are expecting a blog filled with artsy pictures of an extraordinary person, with a “perfect” life who will wow you with her expert literary and photography skills, you will probably (okay, definitely) be disappointed. I’m just an ordinary girl, trying to fall more in love with my Jesus, attempting to figure out this whole “post-college life” thing, and looking for adventures…Life is a journey, I’m excited, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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